Monday, July 25, 2011

Mess Management Monday: Game Storage

So Prince Charming hates to see clutter.  And yes, according to him, board games on a shelf ARE clutter.  He didn't mind the first few, but as Big Sister has gotten older, the board games have multiplied.  And now with Baby Brother here, we can't get rid of the ones she has outgrown for fear he might want/need them.

We went through the games and kept the ones we play/love and sold the rest in The Great Sale of 2011. But we still had the problem, of where to put the ones we kept.  Prince Charming doesn't want the kids to have a play room because he's afraid it will always be a wreck (maybe he's right).  So all of Big Sister's toys are kept in her room.  But the games can't be stored there because (1) there's no more room in her closet, and (2) we play them at the Dining Table.

Why not store them in the Dining Room?  But where?......

After The Great Sale, I was able to combine all of my table linens, serving pieces, silverware, tea sets, etc into the sideboard and had the entire bottom of my china cabinet empty for....GAMES!

You'd never believe how much fun we can have in a formal dining room- there's even room for Twister!

Do you have any furniture that does double-duty in an unexpected way?


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