Monday, July 18, 2011

Mess Management Monday: Craftroom Organization- Crocheted Caps and Headbands

My craft room is a HUGE MESS!  It is approximately 12' x 12' and has a small closet.  I know I am lucky, I appreciate that, but somehow this room stays messy.  I work, work, work, but never put anything away.  So here's my plan:
EVERY week I will attack one group of supplies in my room.  This week it is baby hats and headbands, next week ribbon, then fabric, etc.  Maybe one day I will even getting to my growing piles of misc papers!  Then on Monday I will post before and after pics- well, maybe not "before" because it is a bit embarrassing!  I will tell you which products I have used and the method of organization.

Today I got a new shipment of hats and headbands in, so I decided to tackle that first.


I use Snapware containers for EVERYTHING including Big Sister's Toys, so it was a simple decision to store all of this in several layers of one.


I always organize by the colors of the rainbow, it is easy to find, and it looks so pretty!  The top level contains all of my baby headbands.

And the next 3 levels are home to all of my crochet hats.  White, Pink, Hot Pink, Shocking Pink, and Black have their own level, and the rest of the colors are stored here.

The entire system stores easily on a shelf- although it is getting a bit tall, so I may store the headbands somewhere else!

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  1. I feel like I reorganize our craft/office/catch all room every other week. If I couldn't only be motivated to keep it clean! Thanks for your sweet comments on my anniversary post & congrats on 9 years :)


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