Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Freebies: Household Notebook- Detailed Focus List

This is a 3 page printable detailing my weekly and monthly chores for my Household Notebook.  I use this a general checklist to make sure I get everything done in each room.  I check it once before I get started, and again when I am finished.  It helps my day move smoothly, and if I get interrupted (which happens often with two kids) I can easily get back on track.

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Detailed Focus List


  1. thanks for the pritables!! i love them:)

  2. Congrads! This was the most viewed link last week at the Whatever Goes Wednesday party. i am highlighting it today. Grab my "fratured" button. ///Thanks so much for the award you gave me a few weeks ago. I tried to leave a comment, but your blog wouldn't let me and I couldn't find an email address here. I thought I remembered reading that you live in Louisiana? I am coming to visit mt in-laws in two weeks.

  3. I love the printable, but I am not allowed to print them when I go to Scribd.


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